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“God is doing something in the earth right now and it is fresh and audacious.”
The Seven Mountain message has gone viral and YOU have a mountain to possess! Learn how – from the source.


The Ultimate Competitive EDGE!
What would it be worth to you to create total alignment from the top down in your organization in just 1 week?

Our philosophy is simple: maximum impact in minimum time at a fraction of the cost other companies charge. We call it a “slingshot strategy™” so named because you don’t need complex tools or processes to target and take down Giant problems – when you know exactly where to aim.

The Level 10 Company ™ is an organization that runs with Maximum TRUST and Maximum EXECUTION at a Level 10.

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What is the ONE thing you need to know to get to the NEXT LEVEL of personal power and effectiveness? Your STRENGTHS will take you as high as your dominant CONSTRAINT permits you to go. Till you deal with your personal constraints, you have hit the lid on your career and effectiveness. Once the constraint is broken, your impact moves from incremental to EXPONENTIAL.

Popular trends like the “Strengths-Finder” are good tools to put handles on what you do best, but most people who are in a career mode are already using those strengths. Having terminology to describe them is not nearly as important as identifying the number #1 constraint getting in the way of their future. Find that – and when shattered you move from incremental to EXPONENTIAL INCREASE!

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Dr. Lance is consistently ranked as one of the highest impact presenters at any conference, Lance delivers material on stage with his characteristic Whiteboard or FlipChart, cooking up a seemingly spontaneous message wrapped around the focus of the conference. With insight, wit, and searing relevancy, Dr. Lance will leave your audience wanting more. Whether on Television, a Corporate Keynote, Network Marketing, College Campus, United Nations or Mega Church, Dr. Lance is a master at reading the crowd and adapting his content to match the audience. Dr Lance believes that his ultimate client is not seated in the audience; it is the person who invited him to speak. With that thought in mind our team will meet with you well in advance to assure that the message is a “success” in terms of the context of the event and the agenda of the host who invites Lance to speak.


Doing Business Supernaturally 101 with Lance Wallnau

No matter what the product you sell, you are always marketing yourself and creating the circumstances you walk in. Connect with your dreams – Enlarge your capacity – Network with people – Learn the skills that make you, the master of connection! What the real secret to the law of attraction? Attract the right prospects, coincidences, contacts and ideas.You have 30 seconds or less to form a first impression. It takes 20 additional interactions to fix a bad initial impression. What is the secret to dynamic first impressions? People are primarily driven by one of four basic needs. The need for: Certainty, Significance, Connection or uncertainty. Become an expert reader of people and you can understand how to connect with and motivate anyone. Its not hard if you know how. Words have the power to heal or destroy. What would happen if you understood how to frame your words in such a way that within 30 seconds they go to the very heart of a person with a 1000 volts of life?

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